Home Energy Audit

Even if you don’t qualify for free assistance as a low-income home under the federal Weatherization Assistance Program, chances are good that your home energy bill could still be reduced by about 30% with low-cost, no-cost solutions. And with tax breaks available for insulation materials, you’ve got little to lose by trying!

In developing this Home Energy Audit page, traditional capitalists warned me ‘not to give away too many company secrets’, but the truth is that nothing about to be disclosed is really a secret! A number of government and non-profit organizations already provide similar advice to reduce energy consumption.

However, where Eco-Cents differs from a lot of advice pages is that in addition to focusing efforts on sealing up the home envelope, we’re also targeting and providing very specific information to address the other half of the equation: usage behavior. What do good doctors and auto mechanics have in common? They both provide personalized care and utilize diagnostic analyses. So why should your home audit be any different?

Here’s a time-tested four step approach that will make you a believer, too: Mine the data; mind the data; evaluate consumption components; mitigate appliance loads.