Step 4: Mitigation

In this section I present mitigation techniques for a variety of commonly encountered situations.  However, as stressed on the home page of this website, every building is unique and the suggestion list below may not be universally applicable or complete.  It is also important to not equate mit-ig-a-tion with mental-vacation.  Just because you put that insulation up is no guarantee that you don’t need to check on it every now and then, or that just because you switched your light bulbs from incandescent to CF doesn’t mean that you are now free to leave them on 24 hrs a day.  Mitigating your energy footprint is analogous to shedding excess weight  from your body; you need to step on the scale periodically to gauge your progress.  So with that in mind, the following sections pertain to ways to mitigate your energy demand for the following areas: HVAC; water heating and lighting and electrical appliances