Bachelor of Science, Biology (Minors in Chemistry and Psychology)
Virginia Military Institute, May 1996, Graduated with Distinction

Master of Science, Marine Science (Fisheries emphasis)
School of Marine Science, College of William and Mary/VIMS, Dec 1999

Relevant Experience

  • Invited speaker (along with Mayor Riley) at the “Step It Up” Global Awareness Fair, Charleston, April 2007
  • Remotely isolated a heat pump air handler wiring problem initially overlooked by both the vendor and the local utility; problem mitigated with vendor reimbursement, December 2008
  • Invited panelist for a Discussion of the CofC-sanctioned viewing of the Documentary “Home”, Charleston, August 2009
  • Successful track record: recent home audits conducted by Mike have identified the potential to reduce annual energy consumption by 1/4 to 1/3, saving these homes > $800 annually. Click here to be next!