Analytical and Home Improvement Services

mike_crawlspace Home Energy Audit: $200 for homes less than 1800 square feet, negotiable rate for larger homes.  The audit includes about seven hours of work as follows:

1) Plot and evaluate seasonal and inter-annual consumption patterns (electric, gas, water); 1 hr

2) On-site inspection of building envelope, document appliance loads and flow rates; 2 hr

3) Data entry, insightful analysis and meaningful report generation; 4 hr

If on average you spend more than $110 on electricity and more than $50 on water each month and you’ve never had a home energy audit, chances are really good that with some low cost/no-cost improvement measures you’ll re-coup both the $200 audit charge and the cost of improvement materials within two years.  After that your real savings kick in, especially as usage rates continue to rise.  But best of all, you’ll be doing your part to conserve natural resources effectively immediately!

weatherization services Weatherization: $30/hr for living spaces, $45/hr for attic and crawl spaces. Note: inspecting all spaces is routine during the Home Energy Audit and it is only the repair work (placing insulation, sealing holes, etc.) that is associated with these hourly rates. My preference is to show you what needs to be done and then let you take care of it yourself, saving you money and putting you more in touch with your home at the same time

Modern construction homes typically require about 20 hrs worth of improvements, of which about 70% involves the living space (sealing around HVAC vent returns, recessed lighting, exhaust fans, electrical outlets, door jambs, attic access points, windows, etc.).  Crawl space improvements generally require less time as there are typically fewer point sources (i.e., pipe and electrical wiring holes) to be concerned with; however, if insulation has fallen down or is missing the job completion time lengthens appreciably.  Attic improvements generally take less time than crawl space fixes, but can be more difficult due to the acrobatics often needed to negotiate a path.

Guest Lecturer: Predominantly serving the Charleston, SC area.  Call (843-252-0207) or email () for availability and pricing (negotiable)

Loan analysis: $40 for developing a strategy for acquiring a single new loans or refinancing, negotiable price for developing a payback strategy based on a series of existing loans.

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